Another facility at the Centre is that of spiritual retreat. This is an opportunity for people to spend a dedicated amount of time away from the distractions of outer, everyday life, and focus instead on the inner journey of healing and/or personal transformation. The retreat process facilitates the emergence of those qualities in us lying dormant beneath the layers of our personality and habitual thinking. In retreat we can explore and discover the keys to the unfoldment of our being, and discover and remain aligned with our purpose in life. 

Retreats at the Centre are all guided. Group retreats are offered where the retreat journey may be made with a small number of fellow retreatants or taken individually on one’s own. A retreat may last for a day or two, several days or even in the case of individual retreats, several weeks. Retreats are adapted to the needs and existing spiritual orientation, if any, of participants as with all activities at the Centre, and individual retreats especially follow a discussion as to the individual’s needs and are guided with these in mind. Having said this, a retreat is a living process which will always have a life of its own and the guide and retreatant remain open and in service to the spirit of guidance coming from within.  

During retreats spiritual practices working with the breath and sound such as repeated sacred words, phrases or prayers are given to help retreatants become more aware and present and to facilitate the process of healing and/or transformative process. Artwork, music and movement may be offered, though stillness, silence and deep reflection are often particularly helpful. Since NurJamil Jo is a storyteller, group retreats are often framed by stories which speak in wonderful imaginative language of the process of healing and/or transformation.


Since Jo is also an experienced Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer, requests for retreats from groups of professionals such as Therapists, Social Workers, Teachers and others working in the Care sector are encouraged. Religious belief is not necessary though openness to such approaches as “Mindfulness” is helpful. Retreat gives professionals in often highly stressful positions opportunity in the context of their work to take time out, reflect, reorientate; recreate and resource themselves. Applications for this sort of retreat can be discussed with Jo and a retreat can be designed to meet the needs of a particular professional or staff group. 

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