The Centre is home to the regular monthly gatherings of a Sufi Meditation group which is open to newcomers upon application. The meditation practices and teachings introduced to the West by Sufi master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, are offered as a path of spiritual development to both those committed solely to the Sufi path and equally to those following additional disciplines. For those who wish to follow the Sufi path of development very deeply, initiation and individual guidance is possible. The group also offers the warmth and riches of spiritual friendship and community which is a great support and blessing for travellers on the spiritual path. For more details see

Ongoing spiritual development in Christian mysticism and meditation is offered to those within the Christian tradition whether part of a church or not. This is also open to those interested and inspired by the Christian message but who are not necessarily committed Christians or interested in becoming so. 

Beginners’ meditation evenings, days or courses are offered to individuals or groups upon request and where possible are orientated to take into account the needs, beliefs and existing religious practice, if any, of participants. 

To engage in spiritual practice means to come home to the fire in the hearth of one’s own heart. It means to step in, out of the cold of the self-alienation and exile that we can feel when our outer experience in the world is not rooted in a development of our inner life; when our consciousness is limited to the thin outer rim of our life and not to its great, spacious and sustaining centre.

Through meditation practice, we sit at the hearth of our life, stoking the fire of our heart. In so doing we reconnect with the beauty and light of our own soul which then throws it’s light on to the whole of our life. Our minds clear and our hearts expand. We become more present and aware. We are less at the mercy of our unconscious, habitual responses and find we can respond to life more from that part of ourselves which is deeper and truer. We develop more compassion for ourselves and others and generally we feel calmer and more confident; making better decisions at work and in our relationships. 

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