The healing activity of the Centre is part of that of the Sufi Healing Order, itself part of the Sufi Order established by Hazrat Inayat Khan. Its purpose is to awaken humanity to the power of the Universal or Divine Spirit to heal. The Order offers spiritual healing at a distance for all those who request it, through meditation and prayer. For more information see www.sufihealingorderuk.org 

To ask for distant healing for you or someone-else, please use the contact form on this website (the person for whom healing is requested must give permission for their name to be put forward.) Please write your name or the person’s name in full and indicate pronunciation if you think this may not be clear. Names (not details) will be circulated to the Conductors (Healers) in the Order who will pray for each named person for one month. The request for healing may be renewed after a month.

For those who wish to participate in this healing work, the Healing Order at the Centre offers various levels of involvement. 

Anyone moved to offer healing for suffering in the world may join us wherever you are in our five minute prayer twice daily which the Sufi Healing Order calls “The Circle of Prayer”. 

Please see www.sufihealingorderuk.org/circle-of-prayer.html  and www.facebook.com/groups/shocircleofprayer

Regular opportunities are provided at the Centre for all moved and interested to gather together in person to offer healing for suffering in the world.

For those wishing to become more deeply involved, courses are offered exploring the Sufi teachings and practices which help to develop and deepen the skills and attunement for healing. After initial training participants are welcome to take initiation if they wish into the Sufi Healing Order and become a regular participant in the Centre healing circle. This meets monthly to offer the Healing Service of distant healing and to further develop participants’ healing skills and attunement. As with all activities at the Centre, people wishing to become involved in Sufi healing are encouraged to maintain their own religious practice, if any, where applicable.

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